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about guidex/marketing...

guidex/marketing has scaled back operations.
to our many satisfied clients over the past years,
we offer our thanks and best wishes.

instead of marketing and software development work,
we now are alternating our time between a condo in california
and our second home in southwest france. more on those can be in southwest france. more on those can be found 
here (click photos below), for anyone who is interested.

california                  france

other stuff...

allan & diana colby

mail: 530 showers drive #7109
residence: 550 ortega avenue #a416
mountain view ca 94040 usa
telephone: 1-650-961-5707

le bourg 锟?46360 st-martin-de-vers, france
telephone: (0)5 65 23 81 21

锟?004-2014 guidex/marketing. revised 7 feb 2014

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