Autumn '06 Adventures

This fall we visited a visited a number of local sites, participated in interesting activities and traveled to more distant destinations. Some (those where we got decent pictures) are shown below and on the pages which follow.

Canal du Midi

Tour boat on the Lot

Our major nearby river, the Lot, includes some spectacular scenery. One day we took a ride on the tour boat from the village of Bouzies.


This village, north of us in the Dordogne, includes an impressive 12th-century fortified church.

Medieval Wedding

In September, the daughter of an American couple who live near us in France married a Frenchman from a nearby village. Both are very interested in history and the Middle Ages, so they had a medieval-themed wedding.

Mongolian Wedding

A French girl from our village recently had married a Mongolian man while a student in Paris. They then had a celebration here, complete with a yurt and the bride and groom arriving on horseback (not at the stately trot seen here, but at full gallop!)

Explication du Chef

At the Lion d'Or in nearby Gramat, the chef gave a cooking class for our Anglo-French friendship group.We then had an excellent lunch, including of course the Scallops with Saffron and Pumpkin-Tomato Garnish that he had demonstrated.